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“These are lyrics that take shape from the hum of the asphalt, thoughts left hanging in the dim glow of dash lights and cigarettes.”
- Chuck Graham, Let the Show Begin  

“Echoes of Steve Earle and the late great
Townes Van Zandt.” 
- Julie Jennings Patterson, Tucson Sentinel  

“Always a fan of songwriters whose work is rooted in stories, like James McMurtry ... Febbo crafted an album similarly centered around narratives.” 
- Eric Swedlund, Tucson Weekly 

Mark Anthony Febbo is a third-generation Tucsonan and former singer/songwriter/guitarist for the now defunct band, the Clam Tostada. Mark’s newest live music project is an acoustic duo with fellow Tucson songwriter--Oscar Fuentes--called Febbo Fuentes. Febbo Fuentes frequently plays live shows throughout the Tucson area and the southern Arizona region. The duo recently finished production on an album of Febbo originals called, Dry River Redemption, recorded at Oscar’s TucSound Recording Studio.

This collection of 12 songs features Bruce Halper (Sand Rubies/Sidewinders) on drums, Thøger Lund (Giant Sand) on bass, and Oscar Fuentes on a variety of instrumentation.

Other accompaniment includes Alvin Blaine, Heather Hardy, Rich Hopkins, Damon Barnaby, Tom Walbank and Billy Sedlmayr (who also co-wrote one of the tracks). It’s a departure from the sound and style of the Clam Tostada in many ways, as a more mature endeavor, but retains Mark’s strengths as a colorful storyteller, with considerable growth in musicianship.

Dry River Redemption  is now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Many of Mark’s previously written songs can be found on the 2013 Clam Tostada release--Amusing Neanderthals: Since One Million Years B.C.--available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and streaming through Spotify.

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